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What We Do

“We take a holistic approach that extends across the food value chain.”

Supplying Food Solutions

At Africa Dawn, we strive to be the leading expert in nutritional food solutions and systems, leveraging our technical expertise, know-how, and intellectual property to develop, manufacture, and supply a wide range of fortified powdered food products of the highest nutritional value and quality.

Product Formulation

Drawing upon our years of research and development experience, our highly qualified team of food technologists work closely with our clients and partners to understand their specific needs, in order to develop customized product formulations and optimized nutritional solutions.

Institutional and Food Relief Programs

We partner with both Public and Private enterprise, to plan, implement, and supply institutional feeding programs and industrial catering services, as well as working with numerous international relief agencies in the distribution of emergency food aid and assistance.

Agricultural Sector Development

Agricultural inputs form the core of our processing and products, and we work closely with the rural farming communities through contract farming schemes to improve crop security, quality, and yields, whilst also promoting local innovation and technologies in the sector.

Building Public Private Partnerships

We believe in the power of Public-Private Partnerships to drive sustainable development strategies. We actively partner with the Public sector to sponsor projects across the agro-manufacturing value chain, providing expertise, investment, and resource to boost local development.