“We provide sustainable solutions focused on improving the prosperity and empowerment of Africa’s rural communities.”

Value Addition through Manufacturing

As manufacturing specialists, we leverage the latest in technology and innovation to produce a wide range of vitamin fortified and mineral enriched powdered food products and nutritional solutions of the highest quality and standards. We possess both the know-how and technical expertise to construct, equip, and operate large-scale manufacturing facilities, and are committed to investing in the growth of the agro-manufacturing sector across the African continent, driving increased economic value in these developing countries.

Improving Health and Nutrition

We are committed to supplying highly nutritious, cost-effective, and easy-to-prepare fortified powdered food products. The focus of our supply and expertise lies in institutional feeding and food aid programs, partnering with local governments, NGO’s, and relief agencies to provide nutritional solutions for the upliftment and development of disadvantaged communities. Through our extensive R&D experience, we have the capability to formulate products and solutions to meet specific local, nutritional, or program requirements.

Enhancing Food Security

We take a holistic approach, aiming to deliver a positive impact that extends across the food value chain. We focus on sourcing local agricultural produce as raw material inputs for our manufacturing facilities. In this way, we strive to support the downstream farming communities by providing them with a secure and stable market for their crops, thereby improving the livelihoods and wellbeing of the rural farming communities, reducing crop wastage, and enhancing overall food security within the agricultural sector.